Morning & Evening Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin
Acne can be a daunting challenge, especially during the teenage years. It's not just about the pimples themselves; it's the self-consciousness and frustration that often accompany them. As parents, watching your teens struggle through this can leave you feeling helpless, but it doesn't have to. Implementing a simple yet effective skincare routine can make a significant difference. The key is early intervention and consistency, which can help manage acne and potentially enhance your teen's self-esteem.

Morning Skincare Routine
Step 1: Light & Gentle Creamy Cleanser
Begin the day by removing overnight impurities with a gentle cleanser. A clean face will readily absorb the active ingredients in the next steps of the routine.

Step 2: Mandelic Acid Serum, start slow 2 days per week and work up to everyday.
Mandelic acid, a gentle AHA, can be a game-changer for acne-prone skin due to its exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties. Mandelic Acid Benefits include unclogging pores and improving skin texture. It is found to be less irritating than other acids due to it's larger molecule size.

Step 3: Skin Barrier Repair Moisturizer
Even oily, acne-prone skin needs hydration. Choose a moisturizer that supports skin barrier repair to keep skin healthy and resilient against external irritants.

Evening Skincare Routine
Step 1: Light & Gentle Creamy Cleanser
End the day as you began, with a thorough cleanse. This step is critical to remove the grime, makeup and excess oils that have accumulated throughout the day.

Step 2: Skin Barrier Repair Moisturizer
Lock in the moisture after cleansing to keep skin hydrated.  If the skin becomes dehydrated, it can't clear.  When skin is too dehydrated, it will produce more oil to protect itself and that oil may block pores and create more breakouts.

Step 3: Blemish Clay detoxifying Spot Treatment
Applying a clay with sulfur spot treatment can reduce inflammation and dry out individual pimples overnight. It's a targeted approach that can drastically reduce the lifecycle of a pimple.  It can also be used as a mask by applying a thin layer to the entire face.

Tips for Effective Skincare Routine
Consistency is Key: Like any good habit, consistency lies at the heart of an effective Acne Skincare Routine. Encourage your teens to stick to their regimen every morning and evening. It is especially important if your teen wears makeup which can clog the pores if it's not washed off properly.

Patch Test New Products: Before introducing a new product like the Blemish Clay Spot Treatment or an acne serum, perform a patch test to ensure no adverse reaction occurs.

Avoid Touching the Face: Teach your teens the importance of not touching their face. The oils and dirt from their hands can worsen acne.  If they tend to pick at their pimples, that can also spread bacteria and cause more pimples.

Managing Teen Acne doesn't have to involve an elaborate or expensive skincare regimen. A custom skincare routine that includes cleansing, mandelic acid application and a repairing moisturizer in the morning, followed by a night time cleanse, moisturizer and blemish spot treatment, can create a solid foundation for clearer skin. It's a journey, not an overnight fix, and with love, support, and a touch of patience, your teen can cultivate beautiful skin and confidence. Give this straightforward routine a try, and watch your teen, and their skin, glow.

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