How Energy Drinks Can Sabotage Your Teen's Clear Skin

How Energy Drinks Can Sabotage Your Teen's Clear Skin
The Hidden Culprit: How Energy Drinks Can Sabotage Your Teen's Clear Skin

As an esthetician specializing in acne, I frequently encounter teens who face unexpected breakouts. One such case involved Lily, a vibrant young client who had previously achieved clear skin using my exclusive Epidermal Repair Method with Cellular Turnover. However, she suddenly started breaking out on her cheeks, causing concern for both her and her mother. They reached out to me for a custom facial to determine the cause of these new breakouts.

During our conversation, we discussed various potential culprits. New makeup products, dietary changes and stress are common triggers for acne. However, none of these factors seemed to fit Lily’s situation. As we delved deeper into her routine, I asked if she had introduced anything new recently. "Yes," Lily replied, "I started drinking an energy drink before working out."

Curious about the connection, we looked up the brand of the energy drink together. To our surprise, it contained 1000% of the recommended daily amount of Biotin. While Biotin is often praised for its benefits to hair and nails, high doses have been shown to trigger acne in some individuals. This revelation seemed like a likely cause for Lily's sudden breakouts.

Energy drinks can affect the skin in several ways, contributing to acne and other skin issues. Here's how:

1.High Sugar Content: Many energy drinks are loaded with sugar, which can spike insulin levels. High insulin levels increase the production of skin oils, leading to clogged pores and acne.

2.Excessive Caffeine: The high caffeine content in energy drinks can cause dehydration. Dehydrated skin tends to produce more oil to compensate, which can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

3.Artificial Additives: Energy drinks often contain artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives that can irritate the skin and cause inflammation, worsening acne.

4.Biotin Overload: While Biotin is beneficial in moderate amounts, excessive intake can disrupt the balance of other vitamins, particularly Vitamin B5, which is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. This imbalance can lead to breakouts.  Your body absorbs biotin through your gastrointestinal system the same way that it absorbs another vitamin that helps deter acne called vitamin B5.  If you take too much biotin, your system is overloaded and isn’t able to take in as much B5

The end result? Less of that acne-fighting vitamin B5, which can lead to cystic acne along your chin and jawline.
"Although this is not considered 'dangerous,' it is a side effect that can impact your life, cystic acne can be painful," adds dermatologist Dr. Melanie Kingsley, MD. It can also impact your self-esteem or negate the point of taking biotin in the first place. So if this sounds all too familiar, she recommends lowering your dosage or quitting the supplement altogether.

5.Hormonal Disruption: Some energy drinks contain ingredients that can affect hormone levels, leading to increased oil production and acne.

After identifying the energy drink as a potential culprit, I advised Lily to cut back on her consumption. We also discussed healthier alternatives to maintain her energy levels during workouts, such as natural smoothies or green tea, which are less likely to affect her skin adversely.

Over the next few weeks, Lily's skin began to clear up. She was relieved to see the stubborn breakouts on her cheeks fading away. This experience highlighted the importance of understanding how dietary choices can impact skin health, especially for teens who are more prone to acne.

For parents of teens struggling with acne, it’s crucial to consider all aspects of their routine, including diet and beverage choices. Energy drinks, while popular for their quick energy boost, can have hidden side effects that sabotage skin health.

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Acne Specialist