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Frustrated Because Pimples Keep Appearing?
Tired of buying the wrong products that leave your skin tight, itchy, dry and still battling acne? 

It's time to stop guessing and start seeing real results.
During your personalized virtual skincare conversation, our acne expert will analyze your skin and craft a tailored routine just for you. 

Say goodbye to ineffective products and hello to hydrated, balanced skin with the right ingredients to clear your acne.

Remember, overly dry skin won't clear up effectively, balance is key. Let us guide you to the perfect skincare regimen.

Schedule a Virtual Epidermal Repair Skincare Conversation with Jean Kelly today.  $48
($25 will go toward product purchase if you choose to purchase recommended products)

The Clear Skin Starter Kit

This easy to follow skincare routine: cleans, hydrates and fights acne!

Do you keep buying products because your teens favorite influencer uses them, only to have them clutter up the counter because they don't work?  Try this simple routine, it comes with instructions on how to use it.

Are You A Parent Of A Teen With Acne?
Join our supportive community and learn holistic ways to clear your teens acne.  

Well Hello There!
I'm Jean Kelly. 
I received my esthetician license in 2012.  I've been working on skin since then, learning all I can about acne and rosacea.  I took additional training to become an acne specialist so I could learn even more and have access to exclusive products.  My kids struggled with acne for years.  My daughter would cry, her face covered in pimples, and beg me "please don't make me go to school".  It was heartbreaking to see her in pain.  We went to doctors and they never tried to find the root causes, they only wanted to prescribe medication. .. some with really bad side effects.  One summer she went swimming and came out so sunburn with second degree burns from one of the prescription medications. 
My son's skin wasn't much better.  His was mostly on his neck, chest and back.  He went through the same routine with doctors just prescribing medication.  Nothing helped.
I finally decided I needed to research what causes acne.  I went to school to be an esthetician thinking I could get some answers.  It seemed like everyone was perplexed!  Once I got my license I was able to sell products that only licensed esthetician's can buy.  I found some product lines that work great!  My daughter said her face looks it's best when she's using them and I must say she is beautiful!  
I decided my purpose in life was to help others that are struggling with acne.  If you're frustrated and want results fast, let's get in touch.

~Licensed Esthetician ~ Acne Specialist ~ Nutritionist~


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