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Are You Tired of Struggling With Acne?
Tired of your dermatologist only spending 5 minutes with you, just to give you a prescription?
Tired of wasting money on products that don't work?
Tired of avoiding your friends because you're having a "Bad Skin Day"?

 We will teach you things that nobody has ever told you about clearing your skin.
Have you been asking yourself "How Do I Get Rid of My Acne"?
Clearing Acne is Our Specialty
Depending on your level of commitment, we have 3 plans to choose from:
The Ultimate Acne Clean Up -Workshop
Commitment required:  
You'll have video lessons to watch 
& downloadable workbook pages to fill out. 
Time estimate is 5-10 hours.  

No additional Products or Supplies are 
needed to purchase. 

90 Day Clear Skin Program
Commitment required:  
10-15 minutes daily in both the AM and PM spent on your skincare routine, 
2 Week follow up forms, photos & emails for 3-4 months, 
Weekly videos 
Other educational videos & handouts. 

Skincare product purchase of  195 - 225 is required 
to start the program.  Additional products as needed at the follow ups

Holistic Nutrition for Clear Skin Program
Commitment required:
Changing your diet with customized meal plans
Lifestyle changes
Keeping a positive mindset throughout the course

Free Challenge!  How To Create Your Perfect Skincare Routine
  You may be sabotaging your skin and not even know it!
~ Learn about the ingredients in your current skincare products that may trigger acne.
~ Learn what ingredients will help to clear your skin and repair your skin barrier
~ Learn how to shop for non-pore clogging skincare products
~ Learn how to how to create a custom skincare routine for your unique acne type
~ Access videos, downloads and worksheets to help you along the way.

Well Hello There!
I'm Jean Kelly. 
I received my esthetician license in 2012.  I've been working on skin since then learning all I can about acne and rosacea.  I took additional training to become an acne specialist so I could learn even more and have access to exclusive products.  My kids struggled with acne for years.  My daughter would cry, her face covered in pimples, and beg me "please don't make me go to school".  It was heartbreaking to see her in pain.  We went to doctors and they never tried to find the causes, they only wanted to prescribe medication. .. some with really bad side effects.  One summer she went swimming and came out so sunburn with second degree burns from one of the prescription medications. 
My son's skin wasn't much better.  His was mostly on his neck, chest and back.  We went through the same routine with doctors just prescribing medication.  Nothing helped.
I finally decided I needed to research what causes acne.  I went to school to be an esthetician thinking I could get some answers.  It seemed like everyone was perplexed!  Once I got my license I was able to buy products that only licensed esthetician's can buy.  I found a product line that works great!  My daughter said her face looks it's best when she's using it and I must say she is beautiful!  
I decided my purpose in life was to help others that are struggling with acne, to clear their skin and change their lifestyle so you can get results fast. 
             Are you ready to get started clearing your skin?

~Licensed Esthetician ~ Acne Specialist ~ Author~


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Acne, Stress & Your Microbes


It may not seem obvious or intuitive, but your body is interconnected in many ways and more research is focusing on the “microbiota-gut-brain axis.” It’s the very complex connection between your gut, its microbes, and your brain. This new field has been called a “paradigm shift in neuroscience” (Dinan, 2017).

In fact, there are a number of ways that we’re beginning to understand how our gut microbes can affect our brain and our skin. One is via the “vagus” nerve, which is a nerve that directly connects your gut to your brain. The other ways are through “biochemical messengers.” Biochemicals that are made in your gut and travel throughout the body to communicate with other organs, including your brain. Examples of biochemicals include short chain fatty acids, cytokines, and even tryptophan (the amino acid that the neurotransmitters melatonin and serotonin are made from).

The exciting thing is that this may help us with not only mood and stress, but the microbiota-gut-brain axis may one day prove to be helpful for other conditions like autism and Parkinson’s.  "Our trillions of gut microbes seem to be more closely interconnected with our moods than we used to think. "


Several studies show that stressed rodents not only have increased stress hormones and stressed behaviors; but, they also have different gut microbes! This has also been studied, to a small extent, in people too. One study showed that moms with high levels of stress hormones during pregnancy had infants with more of the “bad” gut microbes. Bad gut health and stress have also been shown to cause acne breakouts.
But, can it work the other way around? Can changing our gut microbes affect our moods and stress responses?

Studies of rodents that grow up without any gut microbes at all (in a “bacteria-free” environment) respond to stress more than mice with normal gut microbes. Then, when they’re given either a probiotic or gut microbes from non-stressed mice, their stress responses often go back to normal.

“Gut microbiota and probiotics alter behavior and brain neurochemistry.” (Ait-Belgnaoui, et. al., 2012) That’s a pretty powerful statement.
Do you want to clear your skin and restore your gut? This ebook may help!  Special offer with coupon code GutHealth

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