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So Cute!  Ditch the dryer sheets that can clog your pores!

Add lemons, cucumbers or berries to your water and take it on the go!

Easy  acne skincare routine for teens and adults!
Uses Mandelic 8% acne serum

It's important to do a parasite cleanse twice a year, helps with skin issues too.

Dryer sheets are toxic!  Do you have a problem with back acne?  Making the switch to dryer balls might be the answer!

For Acne we use blue or purple light.   It helps kill bacteria under the skin.

These taste great and help with inflammation!
Easy way to get your vitamins.

No more frozen fingers!  Fill this with water or green tea then freeze!

Stainless Steel Ice Globes! Great for inflamed acne, it helps reduce inflammation.

Portable blender! Take it with you!

Easy to swallow, liquid and chewable supplements.

Zinc may be helpful for inflamed acne!

If you're breaking out on your forhead, it could be fungal acne.  Try this shampoo and see if it helps!

Are you breaking out around your mouth? Could be your toothpaste, the ingredients SLS and floride have been shown to cause breakouts!

Petroleum Jelly is safe for acne!  Make sure it's the only ingredient.  Can be used on dry areas.

I've checked the ingredients and there are no pore cloggers!  

Aquaphor is acne safe. Can use if you have a dry area on your skin.  Available in many sizes.

Skin Scrubber!  Can use for blackheads.

Perfect for the whole family. Coloring book to build confidence!

Smoothie Bowls are a healthy substitute for ice cream!

Salad ideas with the nutrients you need for clearer skin!

This Zinc may be helpful for acne prone skin

No pore clogging ingredients! Safe for acne!

Pimple Patches can help if you tend to pick at your acne.

Great for putting acne products on your back & other hard to reach places!

Benzol Peroxide can stain your sheets.  These white pillow cases are great for having extras available so you can change out your pillow cases more often.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great snack and a good source of Antioxidants, Magnesium, Zinc & Omega 3!

Spritzing the Acne Toner on your face can make that step in your routine a little faster!  Let skin dry before doing the next step in your routine.

Easy to do Acne Skincare Routine for teens or adults!

Eating healthy foods is important to clearing your skin!

Face Reality Products
Skin Care Line
These professional grade "Non Active" Products are available to purchase without a consultation.  Please schedule an online consultation if you are interested in the acne fighting "active" products!

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