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Face Reality Skin Care Products

 Acne can be controlled with the right products and a customized routine.
Face Reality products are clinical-grade and
designed specifically for acne prone skin.  
We have different strengths for all levels of acne.
Acne Safe - Non Actives
The non-active products are affordable and available for you to buy at any time.  All ingredients are safe for acne and gentle on the skin.
If you would like a routine customized to your acne type please schedule a consultation and we would be happy to work with you!

When your skin is dehydrated, it produces MORE oil!  Keeping skin hydrated and moisturized is key to clearing the skin.

This bundle will take the guesswork out of your routine!  It will repair, hydrate, moisturize & spot treat.

This bundle will hydrate, moisturize and add Antioxidants & Peptides to your routine. Never too young to start!

What Are Actives?

Actives are stronger products with acne fighting ingredients.

 Before you can buy the actives, we must first have an online consultation so we can see 
what your skin looks like and so we can go over your medical history.

  With the Clear Skin Coaching Program we will teach you how to use the products and ensure that your skin stays receptive to the acne-fighting ingredients
without causing irritation or dehydration. 
Acne Wash         $26.00
Acne Scrub         $27.00 (good for back acne)
Mandelic Wash $29.00
Mandelic Scrub $31.00

Sal-C Toner          $22.00
Glycolic-Lactic Toner $26.00

Prices subject to change without notice.

Acne Products:
Acne Med 2.5%    $20.00
Acne Med  5%      $20.00
Acne Med 10%     $20.00

Salicylic Serum             $28.00
Glycolic Serum 5%       $30.00
Glycolic Serum 10%     $32.00
Mandelic Serum 5%    $36.00
Mandelic Serum 8%    $38.00
Mandelic Serum 11%    $40.00
Vitamin A Corrective Serum    $44.00
Vitamin A Corrective II Serum $50.00

With the affordable Face Reality products
we have a 
+95% success rate of clear skin within 3-4 months!
Schedule Your Consultation today!
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Virtual Services:
Clear Skin Coaching Program
90 Days ( 3 Months)
We have over a 95% success rate within 3-4 months.
Clear skin is within reach from the comfort of your home!
The Clear Skin Coaching Program:
This program requires commitment! 
If your acne is severe, or you've been dealing with it for years or if you need someone to keep you accountable then this is for you.

We will be changing the routines every week in the beginning. First repairing the skin barrier then pushing your skin to it's limit WITHOUT irritating it.

We will follow up every 2 weeks.  Those follow up appointments are where we adjust your routines and we may either increase the strength or your products or decrease the strength depending on how your skin is adjusting.

Not Sure if this is right for you?
Schedule a Free 10 minute ZOOM call where we can answer any questions you have about the Clear Skin Coaching Program and decide if it would be beneficial for your type of acne.

Please watch the 18 minute video before scheduling your online consultation!

Information courtesy of Jean Kelly -Acne Esthetician
Information courtesy of Jean Kelly -Acne Esthetician