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Darien, IL Location
Signature Acne Facial
After analyzing your skin, our signature acne facial treatment will include the following:
Deep Cleaning, Enzymatic Exfoliation, Clinical Extractions if needed, High Frequency and custom serums.

Treatment lasts approximately 35 minutes
Pore Purifying LED Facial $98
A revolutionary treatment designed to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.
Harnessing the power of advanced LED technology, this facial combines beneficial wavelengths to target acne-causing bacteria, reduce redness, and promote a brighter, more even skin tone.
As the LED lights work their magic, you'll enjoy a soothing mini-massage that helps to break up dead skin cells, lift, firm, and tighten the skin. The combination of heat therapy and deep cleansing ions aids in emulsifying dirt and oil, allowing them to be easily swept away. Thermal heat therapy also improves blood circulation, promoting oxygenation to the cells and shrinking pore size for a more refined complexion.
With the Blue LED light targeting acne-causing bacteria, and ultrasonic vibration and negatively-charged ions infusing ingredients deeper into the skin, this facial is the ultimate solution for those struggling with acne.

Darien, Illinois Location
These treatments are only available at the Darien, IL Location

JK Skincare Solutions, LLC can be found inside of Holistic Health & Beauty - 
7702 S. Cass Avenue - Suite 240 - Darien, IL 60561

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